Wynn Casino rejected in Foxborough

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Last week, we discussed how Wynn Resorts was lobbying the American town of Foxborough, Massachusetts to build a resort-style casino there. Now it appears as if those lobbying efforts have failed since Foxborough selectman unanimously rejected the Wynn casino proposal under the pressure of their town manager and citizens.

The 3-2 vote to allow Wynn Resorts to present their plan proved to be controversial enough, so it should come as no surprise that the selectmen voted against allowing a $1 billion casino to be built in their town. The driving force behind voting down the casino was that the majority of the 16,000 Foxborough residents thought a huge casino would bring traffic problems, crime and dramatically reshape the town.

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Foxborough is used to being in the national spotlight since the NFL’s New England Patriots play here under the lights of Gillette Stadium. However, having a casino built right across the street from Gillette Stadium proved to be too much for the small community.

Town manager Kevin Paicos spoke about the casino rejection as if it were a victory as he said, “This is an epic step forward for the board because it’s a reversal of last week. It’s an affirmation of the board vote last September, which was to reject the concept of a proposal and say we don’t want one.” Paicos went on to comment about how this should send a clear message to Wynn Resorts as he added, “To me, that’s a pretty overpowering statement from the community’s leadership that this is not something the town is interested in pursuing.”

Nancy Mackenzie, who was one of the selectmen that voted against the casino, was quoted as saying, “If we wanted to live in the city, we would have. We didn’t choose that.” Foxborough is situated about a half hour in between Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island, and it’s clear from Mackenzie’s statement that they aren’t looking to bring the big city any closer.

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