Weekend Casino Bonuses at Rushmore Casino

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If you’re like many people, then you probably do most of your gambling on the weekends. And if you gamble a lot on the weekends, a great place to make bets is at Rushmore Casino because they offer lots of weekend bonus money.

Every time that you make a weekend deposit at Rushmore, you’ll be entitled to a 100% up to $750 bonus offer. So if you were to deposit $300 on the weekend, you would be eligible to earn $450 in bonus money. Of course, you don’t have to deposit $300 because the minimum amount of money required for this bonus is just $25.

Earn a 100% up to $888 welcome bonus at Rushmore Casino

Some things to keep in mind about this bonus is that you must use a credit card, gift card or MoneyLineWallet to be eligible for the reward. Assuming you use a credit card or gift card, you need to use the following codes when making the deposit: CARIBOU4.1, CARIBOU4.2, CARIBOU4.3, CARIBOU4.4, CARIBOU4.5. If you use MoneyLineWallet to deposit, you need to use these codes: CARIBOUEW4.1, CARIBOUEW4.2, CARIBOUEW4.3, CARIBOUEW4.4, CARIBOUEW4.5. And remember, if you use MoneyLineWallet at Rushmore, you’ll get an additional 25% on your bonus.

As far as actually earning the bonus goes, you need to wager 25X the bonus plus deposit amount to receive the cash. In addition to this, all bets need to be placed on slots, blackjack, scratch cards and keno in order to count towards the bonus.

Keep in mind that the 100% up to $750 offer is open every weekend, so even if you can’t play much at a certain time, just wait until the next week and make your deposit then. This excellent weekend bonus ensures that you can earn extra cash during online gambling’s most popular time to play.

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