US Rep. Tierney’s Wife receives Online Gambling Felony Charges

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Patrice Tierney, who is the wife of Massachusetts US Representative John Tierney, was recently indicted on felony charges after helping her brother Bobby Eremian run an Antiguan-based casino operation. The charges have nothing to do with online gambling itself, but rather tax fraud. Patrice’s job involved managing her brother’s bank account, which brought in over $7 million during the time she managed it.

The charges against Tierney’s brother are much more serious as he was indicted on counts of racketeering and money laundering in addition to the tax fraud charges. His online casino operation, which was purchased in 1996, has since been revoked. Patrice Tierney managed to stay out of jail after telling a judge, “I take full responsibility for what my part in this was.”

Patrice originally tried to say she had no idea that her brother’s business was an online gambling operation. Instead, she said that she thought the business was merely selling licenses to legitimate online casinos. However, Tierney recently came clean and admitted to changing certain bank account transactions to avoid detection by the IRS.

This whole matter certainly doesn’t bode well for John Tierney since he is running for re-election this year. Tierney has held his district’s Representative position for seven straight terms, and is looking for an eighth straight term against Republican Bill Hudak. As you may have guessed, Hudak is already harping on Patrice Tierney’s indictment, and has begun publicly questioning what John knew about his wife’s dealings before the charges.

Patrice Tierney’s involvement in online gambling throughout the 2000’s certainly clues one off as to why John voted against the UIGEA back in 2006. And while that is one more vote against an unconstitutional law, it comes from a strange source because John Tierney still has questions to answer about his knowledge of this case.

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