UK Women Gamblers increasing in Numbers

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The National Centre for Social Research published a very interesting study about how the number of female gamblers is rapidly increasing in the UK. This is especially true of online casino games, where the number of women gamblers has risen by over 33% in the past decade.

Another interesting finding of the National Centre for Social Research study is that approximately half of the UK’s female population gambles in some capacity. And what’s nice is that only 0.3% of these women are referred to as “problem gamblers.”

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The researchers who performed the study commented on their findings by saying, “We see more women and older people becoming involved with gambling and increase in the proportion of people who gamble regularly.”

Among the most popular online casino games that UK women are playing include online blackjack, online slots and bingo. Some of the games that are increasing in popularity include scratch cards and roulette.

As for the age demographics of UK women gamblers, the largest increase can be seen in the 45-65 age bracket. Seeing as how bingo is such a popular game among older women, the study found that female gamblers actually comprise a larger portion of the online bingo population than men. Of course, this statistic is also aided by the fact that the amount of UK women gamblers who are age 75 and above grew 13% over the past decade.

Based on the findings of this study, it’s clear that online casino games are no longer a male-dominated affair. Many more female gamblers are making an effort to win money in games like online slots, blackjack, bingo and scratch cards. And this increase can definitely be seen in the large number of women who are hitting giant slots jackpots in online casinos.


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