Trailer released for Online Gambling Movie “Runner, Runner”

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Online gambling is set to hit the big screen this September, when the highly-anticipated “Runner, Runner” movie is released. The film is expected to be a hit since Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck are co-starring in Runner, Runner.

As for the plot, Timberlake plays a Princeton graduate school student named Richie, who takes up online gambling in hopes of paying $60,000 in college tuition. The mathematical genius thinks that poker is the best way to cover the $60k in tuition payments. However, Richie ends up losing quite a bit of money, rather than earning the $60k he needs.

As the Runner, Runner trailer shows (listed below), Richie determines that he’s been cheated by the gambling site and heads to Costa Rica to confront the owner, Ivan Block (Affleck). But instead of just taking the money that Block offers, Richie ends up joining his organization. What ensues is fast cars, beautiful women and tons of cash.

But as with most movies of this nature, Richie doesn’t ride off into the sunset with his riches. Instead, the FBI kidnaps him and makes Richie work for them as an informant. But Block suspects that he’s being spied on and threatens to throw his new protege into crocodile-infested waters.

Although far-fetched, Runner, Runner seems reminiscent of the disgraced poker sites UltimateBet (UB) and Absolute Poker. Both of these rooms featured insider-cheating scandals where employees could see their opponents’ hole cards. The end result was that high stakes players collectively lost millions of dollars.

When the US Department of Justice came down on these sites during Black Friday, neither UB nor Absolute Poker repaid player deposits. The tens of millions of dollars in deposits are thought to be lost for good.

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