Gambler who stole/lost €1.75m lands Three-Year Prison Term

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For 12 years, Tony O’Reilly seemed like the ideal employee at the ‘An Post’ company in Wexford, Ireland. But underneath it all, he had a serious gambling problem and stole €1,750,000 to feed this habit.

O’Reilly, who started working at An Post in 1998, was promoted to the post office manager position in 2009. This is when the trouble really started as he began using various means to steal money from his employer. The 37-year-old would take €50 notes from office funds, replace expensive post office bags with cheap ones, and change receipts to hide his crimes.

O’Reilly then used the stolen money to place bets on online casino games and sporting contests. The problem got so bad that he’d sometimes wager as much as €50,000 per day. He would bet on just about anything including €40,000 he dropped on a Norwegian women’s football (soccer) game.

Thanks to his lavish online gambling habits, O’Reilly would receive free vacation packages from casino sites; a couple of the packages included an Irish Derby trip and Europa Cup Final vacation. Unfortunately, his luxurious rewards and bonuses came at a steep cost as total losses approached €1.75 million.

The crazy gambling spree came to an end when O’Reilly’s office was audited. He stayed away from the office for days following the audit and said that he’d been involved in a car accident. O’Reilly’s absence only intensified suspicion that he’d been embezzling money from the An Post company.

Tony was charged with a number of crimes and pleaded guilty to 12 total charges involving theft and falsifying documents. After listening to arguments about how O’Reilly didn’t benefit from the stolen €1.75m, the Wexford Circuit Court judge gave him three years in prison. Unfortunately, he’ll now have to spend these years away from his wife and two-year-old son.

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