Temple of Treasures Slots Review

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Few themes make for a better slots game than treasure hunting, which is probably what Playtech had in mind when they created Temple of Treasures slots. The treasure hunting all takes place in an ancient civilization, and the graphics/sound effects give you the feeling that you’re in the rain forest hunting for long-lost artifacts. If you’re interested in finding out more about this game, keep reading our Temple of Treasures slots review.

Temple of Treasures Details

Even slots beginners should have little trouble getting adjusted to Temple of Treasures because it’s a 3-reel, single payline game. About the only semi-complicated thing to be aware of here are the betting options, with coin sizes ranging from $0.05-$5.00, and the amount of coins per spin being capped at three. Taking this into account, the maximum bet you can make on a single spin is $15.00.

Symbols that you’ll see on the reels include keys, lamps, hatchets, statue idols and pyramids. You need to get three of all of these symbols on a payline for a payout, except for the key; you can get payouts by getting one, two or three keys on the reels. There are no wild symbols or multipliers to speak of in Temple of Treasures slots.

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Temple of Treasures Jackpot

The top payout is unlocked when you get three pyramids across the reels. It’s actually to your advantage to play three coins per spin, as the following will show:

Hitting the jackpot with 1 coin = 300 coins
Hitting the jackpot with 2 coins = 600 coins
Hitting the jackpot with 3 coins = 1,000 coins

As you can see, there’s a slight advantage to playing three coins on every spin. But keep in mind that you don’t gain any advantage on the other payouts when switching between 1, 2 and 3 coins on each spin.

Wrapping up our Temple of Treasures slots review, this is definitely a good game for players who are new to slots, and looking to learn without dealing with confusing wild and scatter symbols. Furthermore, the bright Playtech-designed graphics really add an element of fun to playing this game.

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