Ernests Gulbis blew $557k in French Open Winnings at a Latvian Casino

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Ernests Gulbis is fresh off of a semifinals appearance at the French Open, his best majors finish ever. So what did the tennis pro do with the $557,000 he earned from this excellent finish? He did some gambling and lots of it!

Gulbis told Gazzetta dello Sport that he lost his entire $557,000 check from the semifinals run. “After losing to Djokovic, I returned to Latvia with my cousin and I went to the Casino: I bet all prize money won in Paris and I lost it,” he said.

In another exchange with BBC Sport, the 25-year-old seemed to be taking his losses in stride. And he revealed that blackjack was his game of choice during the big losing streak. Here’s a look at what was said:

Gulbis: I went back home for two days. I just went to –

BBC Sport: Party?

Gulbis: Not really party, I went to casino to gamble away a percentage of my winnings (laughs), so I need to get it back this week.

BBC Sport: Were you a winner or a loser in the casino?

Gulbis: (laughs) I was a big loser.

Gulbis has made $1.5 million through the first part of 2014. So even if he continues losing in the casinos, his bankroll has got to be pretty large. But what if he were to lose this money too?

Well, Gulbis is fine again because he comes from one of the richest families in Latvia. His father, Ainārs, is an investment businessman, and his mother, Milēna Gulbe-Kavace, is a theater actress.

Given his prominent background and strong tennis skills, Gulbis has emerged as one of the most interesting and colorful players on the tour. He’s well known for his humor and for throwing his racket after discouraging plays.

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