Sweepstakes Cafes bypass US Gambling Laws

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The United States has never been incredibly tolerant towards gambling, which is why companies called “sweepstakes cafes” are trying to get around the strict gambling laws. As it stands, casinos and similar land-based gambling establishments can only operate if they have special licensing from the state and local government. And online gambling is not supposed to be offered to US residents (though it’s not illegal for residents to gamble online).

However, the idea behind these sweepstakes cafes is they’re not encouraging gambling, but rather letting people buy time on computers so they can win online sweepstakes. In these online sweepstakes, players can win credits, which will then transfer back to their account in real money.

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Obviously the concept here doesn’t sound too illegal, but the games that are being played closely resemble various forms of casino games. The slots sweepstakes games are especially casino-like because they offer all of the same features that you’d find from online slots. And just like casino games, these sweepstakes games don’t offer positive long-term winnings to most players.

Even still, sweepstakes cafes seem to be doing quite well, and many of them are able to operate through the various loopholes and gray areas seen in US state and local governments. In fact, it is often up to the individual district as to whether or not they view sweepstakes as gambling institutions.

Interestingly enough, several Florida sweepstakes companies have been busted for offering these services to players; on the other hand, North Carolina seems to feature a thriving sweepstakes business where lots of these companies are operating without worry. So basically, it all depends on the district where a sweepstakes company is operating as to whether or not it’s considered legal.

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