Sportsbook Boss who got Fired over Charles Barkely is Handicapper

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Being in charge of the Mandalay Bay sportsbook is a pretty prestigious job. It pays good and Mandalay doesn’t give jobs like this out to just anybody. Unfortunately, there’s not much leeway with this job provided you make a big mistake – especially a half million dollar mistake!

But that’s exactly what Nick Bogdanovich did when he made the decision to allow former NBA star and current degenerate gambler Charles Barkley to place a $500,000 wager on the New England Patriots in the 2002 Super Bowl. The problem wasn’t necessarily that Bogdanovich let Barkley place a bet of this size, but rather that he let Sir Charles make the wager based on credit. Even worse, Barkley wasn’t even forced to sign a marker before placing the half million bet that the Patriots would beat the spread against a heavily favored St. Louis Rams team (the Patriots went on to win the game and Barkley won his bet).

Sadly for Bogdanovich he was fired the next day, and has failed to land a job anywhere near the prestige of his old job; one of these jobs was as a strip club director. Apparently Bogdanovich wasn’t bringing in enough rowdy drunks with one dollar bills since he eventually dropped the strip club job too before becoming a handicapper.

But Bogdanovich isn’t just any kind of handicapper…..he’s one of the fellows involved in those unreputable operations that send spam through email filters offering outrageous guarantees. For just $299 a season, you can win at the same rate Bogdanovich does. In fact, he makes numerous guarantees claiming that you’ll be a guaranteed winner just by investing in his services.

He even throws out numbers such as a $1,500 profit in 4 weeks. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a guarantee in sports betting, and hopefully people can see right through his emails. No wonder Mandalay Bay got rid of him.

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