Ryan Brown: The Man who Intentionally drove his Truck into Stratosphere Casino

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Last week, a crazed man drove his truck straight into the Stratosphere casino’s lobby in Las Vegas. And until now, little was known about the man who committed this bizarre crime. But now, there’s a face to put with the incident: 40-year-old Ryan Brown.

Luckily, nobody was hurt after Brown crashed his truck through the lobby, leaving shattered glass everywhere. Following the incident, casino security pulled Brown from the car as he struggled with them. Upon being taken into custody by police, the man spoke of how he wanted to jump off the 1,149-foot Stratosphere tower, and how he was excited to be making news.

No clear motivation was given for why Brown drove through the lobby. However, police did arrest him for felony cocaine possession and misdemeanor driving under the influence and reckless driving charges. Additionally, he also admitted to police that he smoked crack cocaine two hours before the crash and had been doing drugs for six straight days.

It’s likely that recent incidents in Brown’s live played a part in his self-destruction too. He’d been working as an electrician at the Burning Man counterculture festival in Nevada. However, he got fired from this job after a domestic dispute with his wife.

Leading up to the crash, Brown was said to be driving on the sidewalk and arguing with a man near the valet area. Finally, he “aggressively accelerated” towards the front glass doors of the casino and drove through them. His F-150 pickup truck finally came to a stop when it got wedged between railings of a four-step casino stairway.

“He’s lucky there were no injuries,” Officer Jose Hernandez, a department spokesman, commented on the matter. Brown is now being held on a $5,000 bond at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas.

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