Roulette Cheaters Busted for Dealer Collusion

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After flaunting casino security for nine months and making a small fortune in the process, three roulette cheats were finally busted and taken to court.

Xiao Dong Lu (28), her ex-boyfriend Zhou Zhao (32) and roulette dealer Bo Du (33) were all caught scamming the SkyCity Casino in Hamilton, New Zealand. The scam worked with Du looking the other way when Zhao and Dong Lu made bets after the ball had stopped on the winning number.

In exchange for his cooperation, Du received half of all illegitimate winnings while Dong Lu and Zhao split the rest. From July of 2011 to April of 2012, the trio earned $52,000 total, including one night where they collectively netted $5,000.

SkyCity Casino began to notice something wrong when they looked at Dong Lu and Zhao’s players cards and noticed that they were consistently winning roulette games. After looking at surveillance footage, SkyCity security noticed that Zhao and Dong Lu spent a considerable amount of time playing when Du was dealing at an empty table. A closer inspection revealed that they were placing bets after the winning number was already determined.

Judge Philip Connell, who presides over the Hamilton District Court, explained how fishy the couple’s roulette play was by saying, “The wins were far too frequent. It was far too much money and it was that which set the SkyCity staff on the course investigating.”

The couple received some fairly stiff punishments for their crimes, with Xiao Dong Lu actually getting deported back to China. She also had to pay a $4,000 fine and was sentenced to 350 hours of community service. Zhou Zhao had to pay back $13,000 and is now serving five months’ home confinement. And the dealer, Bo Du, paid back all of the $26,000 he earned from the roulette cheating scandal and is serving nine months’ home detention.

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