Robert De Niro promoting Korean Casino

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Robert De Niro forever immortalized himself in the gaming world after starring as Sam “Ace” Rothstein in the 1995 hit movie Casino. Apparently, the Paradise Walker Hill Casino in Seoul, South Korea is a fan of De Niro’s performance because they’ve enlisted his promotional services.

After signing the New York City-based actor to represent them, Paradise Walker Hill wasted no time in putting up a large billboard outside of the Incheon International Airport. The billboard features De Niro in a tuxedo flipping cards in the air with some Korean writing underneath.

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The Paradise Walker Hill Casino is Korea’s oldest gaming venue, and they are home to many huge events such as the APPT Seoul Festival of Poker. Interestingly enough, they – along with every other casino in South Korea – cannot allow Koreans to gamble. So their advertising efforts are geared towards visitors and tourists, which certainly explains why De Niro is on the billboard.

Sticking with South Korea’s policy on not letting locals gamble, APPT President Danny McDonagh spoke about this by saying, “It’s illegal for nationals to gamble in the casinos here. The numbers (at APPT Seoul) would be nuts if they could. Only internationals can play. We have a few Koreans in the field, but they hold multiple passports.”

As for Robert De Niro, the American acting legend is just the latest Hollywood star to promote Asian gaming. Nicholas Cage, who is also a very famous American actor, recently appeared in a Japanese TV commercial to promote a new slot machine. You can actually check out the Nick Cage slot machine commercial below:

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