Robert De Niro being considered for “Gambling Man” Lead Role

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A couple of weeks ago, a rumor came out that the Weinstein Company is considering Robert De Niro for a major role in Rounders 2. This is interesting timing, given that the award-winning actor is also being considered for the lead role in Gambling Man.

Borsalino Films acquired the rights to the same-titled book written by Gary Green. Gambling Man is a biography by Green that explores his own colorful and crazy adventures as a high-profile casino boss. Green’s work provides plenty of entertaining personal stories and anecdotes.

Given that the biography has been such a hit, Borsalino Films hopes it will translate well on to the big screen. In order to make the much-anticipated movie a success, they’re looking for the perfect actor to play the lead. De Niro could definitely bring some fire to the role, looking back at how he was so good in the 1995 hit film Casino. He played Sam “Ace” Rothstein, a handicapper who ran a Las Vegas casino for the mob.

With De Niro’s experience in gambling films, it’s a strong bet that he’d do a good job in Gambling Man. However, him getting the part is no sure thing. Lu Nay, of Puji Capital, which is one of the Shanghai groups funding this movie project, spoke on De Niro by saying the following:

De Niro is certainly the most recognized of the actors we are eyeing for the lead in this landmark investment; but we there are several in contention and we have not even begun official talks.

There’s no word on any of the other actors who are being looked at for Gambling Man’s lead role. But if De Niro were to take a part in Rounders 2, which may or may not film around the same time, it’s questionable as to how this would affect his candidacy for the Gambling Man lead.

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