Retired Firefighter wins $744,553 Slots Jackpot

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After years of putting his life on the line to put out fires, a retired firefighter was repaid in a big way when he won a $744,553 slots jackpot. The big win occurred at Viejas Casino in Alpine, California, and a man know as Lloyd S. was the lucky recipient of the $744k.

As for the story behind this massive win, Lloyd S. came to Alpine to get his mobile home painted. Unfortunately for him, the painting shop was closed, so he decided to stop by Viejas Casino. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise after the former firefighter hit the huge jackpot prize. And what’s truly impressive about Lloyd’s win is that it came after just four spins!

Following his good turn of luck he joked, “It couldn’t have happened to a better person. It hasn’t really sunk in yet.” While he didn’t give any details on his plans for the money, Lloyd S. did say that he’s a big-time fisherman who’s fished for piranhas in the Amazon River and various fish in Alaska. This being said, another exotic fishing trip isn’t out of the question for him.

Another interesting story that’s fashioned in the same vein as Lloyd involves a marine named Alexander Degenhardt winning a $2,882,808 jackpot. The 26-year-old was stationed at a military base around Las Vegas, and he decided to sit down and play slots with his friend.

Degenhardt’s $100 investment turned into the aforementioned $2.8 million win when he lined up the right combination on Money Vault Millionaires. Breaking this massive jackpot down, the marine will be paid $100k over the next 28 years. Seeing as how he already lives pretty frugally, it’s likely that Degenhardt will spend his newly found wealth pretty wisely.

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