Recent Online Slots Jackpot pays $190k

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It’s been a little while since we’ve seen a truly massive online slots jackpot hit. The last one we reported on involved a British man who won $8.1 million back in February. But just because multi-million dollar jackpots aren’t flowing freely doesn’t mean slots is void of big winners. In fact, a woman just recently won a $190,000 prize while playing a game at SlotLand.

Going by the screen name “Abigail J,” the lady normally only wagers minimum amounts when she plays slots. However, something changed her mind one day and she started making maximum bets, which qualified her for the progressive prize on Pearls of Atlantis.

Abigail J managed to line up five symbols that unlocked the progressive jackpot in a single payline, which unleashed a $190k prize. She spoke about her good fortune by saying the following:

I usually bet lower amounts when I play slots as I simply enjoy the thrill of playing and seeing the symbols fall into place. That day though, I felt somehow lucky so I decided to up the bets for some rounds. I was nervous but I had some smaller wins…and then all of a sudden I was looking at the jackpot. Gosh, was it a shock!

I’ll put some of the money aside for more play. And I’ll pay some bills. But I’m also going to take a course in open water diving in the Bahamas or Fiji or some other tropical destination! I won the jackpot playing Pearls of Atlantis so maybe I’ll get lucky again and discover the lost continent.

The recent win by Abigail J shows just how important it is to make maximum wagers when playing online slots. After all, most progressive jackpot games won’t deliver a jackpot if players aren’t placing max bets. Assuming Abigail had kept up with her tradition of only making minimum wagers, she wouldn’t have won $190k.

Those who can only afford to make small slots bets should stick to non-progressive games. Sure the top prizes aren’t as big here, but players can still win the top payout with minimum bets and they won’t be penalized either.

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