£100 Million Professional Gambler busted for Money Laundering

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To those on the outside, Jatinder Singh Batth seemed to have the perfect life since he made an elegant living while playing casino games. The Brit was able to gamble over £100 million in a six-year span, which earned him numerous comps, gifts, luxury hotel suites, and other high roller perks. But in the end, it turns out that Batth’s life was nothing more than an illusion after he was busted for laundering money for gangs.

Getting into the specifics, the gang was involved in a carousel fraud (a complex cross-border VAT scam), and they relied heavily on “Micky Singh” to make their operation work. Authorities became suspicious of Singh when he began to do things such as gamble £11 million in one weekend, purchase a 50% stake in the Coventry football stadium, and buy numerous luxury items.

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Eventually, HM Revenue & Customs began tracking the 43-year-old while trying to find out where else he was getting money from besides the casino tables. HMRC ran surveillance on Singh over a number of days and eventually got enough evidence to link him to the gang.

Towards the end of 2009, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. The latest development in this case is that he’s been ordered to pay £1,984,805 in fines, or face an additional 10 years in prison. At this point, it’s unknown whether or not Singh will be able to pay the massive amount.

Upon this new activity in Micky Singh’s case, HMRC senior investigating officer Andy Baker commented on the matter by saying, “Getting the convictions was the hard part. But we have now been able to open it up to investigate their criminal lifestyle and take away the proceeds they earned through crime..That is where they will feel the pain.” The nearly £2 million fine should definitely go a long ways towards taking the gang’s proceeds away.

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