Prince Harry: Partying, Blackjack and Nudity in Vegas

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Prince Harry has always spent his life in the limelight because of his place in the British Royal Family. But lately, he’s been getting even more attention after a wild romp in Las Vegas that included parties, playing blackjack and even some nudity.

The latter is what the press and tabloids were most interested in because naked photos of Prince Harry were leaked by people at a Vegas party. Apparently, Harry and some ladies were playing strip billiards, and he wasn’t doing too well. Perhaps the 27-year-old misplaced his faith in the old adage, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Obviously this wasn’t the case though in a generation where millions of people have smartphones and can catch snapshots of celebrities in compromising situations within seconds. The nude photos have caused a great deal of embarrassment for both the young prince and the Royal Family.

Interestingly enough, Vegas has turned Harry’s embarrassment into profit by running several ads based on the incident. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has posted ads with the following phrases:

Keep Calm and Carry On, Harry.

Know the Code.

The latter is obviously in reference to how people are supposed to keep from telling what happens in Vegas. Cathy Tull, who works as a vice president for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, spoke about this code by saying, “Las Vegas is a place to celebrate adult freedom, freedom that even celebrities and royals can enjoy. For everyone’s sake, it’s important that ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.’ The advertisement ‘was a cheeky reminder to all our visitors that it’s important to ‘know the code,’ and, most importantly, ‘protect the code’.”

Going back to Prince Harry, it will be interesting to see if he continues frequenting Sin City after this latest scandal. He’s been to Vegas plenty of times in the past, including some drunken nights spent playing blackjack at the Palazzo.

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