Popular Roulette Systems

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To this day, nobody has designed the perfect roulette system that will enable you to haul in profits consistently. However, there are some systems that people have used to experience short-term success in the game. Here is a look at a few roulette systems that people like the best.

Inside Betting System

Judging by the name, you would think that the inside betting system is all about making inside bets. But actually, the inside betting system simply involves placing wagers on numbers/areas where the ball hasn’t landed in a while. The logic is that the ball is “due” to land in the spot where it hasn’t been in a while.

D’Alembert System

With the D’Alembert betting system, you want to add a bet to each wager after you lose. For example, if you lost a $5 bet, your next wager would be $10. On the other hand, you want to take a bet away after winning wagers. This whole system is predicated on chasing your losses while holding back after winning bets.

Martingale System

This is the most famous betting system known to man. With the Martingale system, you double a wager every time you lose in order to win back your losses. In theory, this system works, but the downfall is that online casinos have table betting limits so you’ll eventually reach the table limit if you keep losing.

Labouchere System

The Labouchere system involves a little more math than the other systems because you need to write down a sequence of random numbers (within the roulette wheel). After you’ve written down the numbers, you will make your first wagers based on the sum of the first and last numbers in a row. Assuming the bet wins, you cross out the numbers; a loss means you will add the sum of the bet to the next sequence.

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