Poker Pros cheat at Craps in Wynn Las Vegas

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Veronica Dabul and Leonardo “Leo” Fernandez are two of the most successful Argentinian poker players in history since both have solid live tournament resumes. However, they weren’t quite as successful at duping the Wynn Las Vegas out of $700,000 while playing casino craps.

The two poker pros went on an incredible run at the Wynn Las Vegas when they won over $700,000. However, the Wynn reviewed their security tapes, and discovered that the duo was engaging in a process called craps sliding. The practice of sliding involves throwing one dice while sliding the other with the number six face-up; the idea is to bet on numbers above 7, and the face-up six will drastically increase your chances of hitting a higher number.

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Of course, it’s not easy to slide a dice past the dealer, so he must be distracted – hence the need for the poker pros to work together. Even still, sliding definitely takes some skill as Nevada Gaming Control Board chief Jerry Markling said when he mentioned, “It’s not a common form of cheating because it involves a considerable amount of skill and practice.”

When it was discovered that the craps players were cheating the game, both Fernandez and Dabul were arrested. And there are certainly some further consequences in the works since Fernandez is employed by PokerStars, which is the world’s largest poker site; he now risks losing his sponsorship.

Dabul, who used to be a member of Team PokerStars, certainly isn’t out of the clear either because both her and Fernandez are facing a civil suit by the Wynn Las Vegas as they seek to reclaim the $700,000 that they lost to the players.

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