Poker – No House Edge!

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While many forms of gambling have a house edge, poker is one game where the house doesn’t have an edge. Instead, the house simply takes a small rake from each pot and players compete against each other. Because of this fact, poker is mostly a game of skill.

Many people like how skill wins out in poker, and so it has rapidly evolved into the most popular form of gambling in the world. Now millions of players log on to play online poker every day. All of these players are creating giant poker tournament prize pools too; some of these prize pools are worth millions of dollars!

Besides the skill factor and all of the money involved, people also like the fact that online poker rooms hold lots of promotions. The most popular promotions revolve around VIP programs where players get points for frequent play. As players accumulate points, they can use them to get into free poker tournaments (freerolls), cash them in for real money, and/or use them to get cool merchandise from poker rooms.

The most popular option for using the points is usually the freeroll tournament offers since players have a chance to win thousands of dollars without having to pay a dime. You can also enter regular poker tournaments with your points where even more money can be won.

Another great thing about online poker is that it gives people the opportunity to play in poker satellites. A poker satellite is a tournament where the top players move up to a new level. Depending upon which level you buy into, you will be closer to the ultimate prize. Most of the time, the prize is an all-inclusive package to a large land-based event such as the World Series of Poker. And as many people know, the WSOP is the biggest poker event in the world!

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