Play Lots of Exclusive Poker Freerolls throughout June

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Whether you’re a brand new online poker player, or just somebody who’s trying to grind and build a bankroll, freerolls are the ultimate way to make money. After all, who doesn’t enjoy playing in real money poker tournaments when they don’t have to spend a dime?

Unfortunately, the popularity of poker freerolls is often their downfall too because everybody wants to earn a piece of the free money. Taking this into account, we highly recommend that you look for exclusive poker freerolls.

What is an Exclusive Freeroll?

Most freeroll poker tournaments are open entry, meaning anybody can enter as long as they’ve created an account with the host site. For example, if 888poker was holding an open entry freeroll, you would merely need to sign up at their site and register for the tournament; no deposit is necessary.

Exclusive freerolls, on the other hand, restrict entry to a small group of people. And this is a big advantage because you’re competing against fewer people for the prize money. The most common instance of exclusive poker freerolls happens when an affiliate works out a deal with an online poker room, then allows people who’ve signed up through their affiliate site to participate in the freerolls.

Where to find Exclusive Freerolls

While it can sometimes be difficult to find exclusive freeroll opportunities, there’s a great deal going on at PokerStop throughout the month of June, 2012. Those who download and sign up at select poker sites through PokerStop will be eligible to participate in dozens of exclusive freerolls throughout June. Keep in mind that you also need to create an account at PokerStop too since freeroll passwords are sent here.

So if you were to download the aforementioned 888poker through PokerStop and create an account, you’d be eligible for an exclusive $20 freeroll every day in June. Now $20 may not be a huge prize pool, but when you’re given 30 opportunities, you have an excellent chance to win some money and start a bankroll.

Here is a look at the entire PokerStop freerolls schedule, and all of the poker rooms where you’ll be able to play the tournaments:

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