Pittsburgh Casino Dealer fined $75,000 for stealing $200

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In 2010, a Casino Rivers Pittsburgh blackjack dealer named Michael Eisenberg had a major lapse in judgement when he stole $200 in chips. And this mistake cost the 26-year-old big-time when he was fined $75,000 for violating the Pennsylvanian State Gaming Act.

Just recently, Eisenberg has decided to fight back against the lofty $75k fine by taking this case to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. His attorney, Michael Santicola, discussed the matter by saying, “I think it’s going to follow him around for the rest of his life. There are people who don’t have $75,000 dollars in student loans and it takes them 20 years to pay that off.”

Going further, Santicola believes that Eisenberg was adequately punished by serving a year of probation. He also thinks that requiring somebody to pay $75,000 is “cruel and unusual punishment” for taking $200 worth of chips.

Both Eisenberg and Santicola will have their hands full trying to reverse the original decision. That’s because District Attorney Stephen Zappala is prepared to give them a good fight. He stated:

We believe that the crime fits the statute as written and we believe that the General Assembly wrote the statute to protect the integrity of the casino process. We also believe that it’s important for patrons of the casino to know that there is a process in place to keep them from being ripped off and to deter the type of behavior.

As Zappala alluded to, it appears as if Michael Eisenberg only has a small chance of reducing the fine. However, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has agreed to at least listen to the case, which means that he has some hope of avoiding the looming $75k punishment.

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