Philippines $1.2b Solaire Manila Resorts Casino opens Tomorrow

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The Philippines is already one of the world’s fastest-growing casino gaming destinations. And they figure to get even bigger once the Solaire Manila Resorts Casino opens tomorrow.

Based in Entertainment City in Paranaque, Philippines, Solaire Manila Casino is a US$1.2 billion investment that’s expected to draw millions of tourists every year. And it also has the backing of Philippine billionaire Enrique Razon, who is Solaire Manila’s majority owner. The casino resort will boast 300 gaming tables, 1,200 slot machines, 500 hotel rooms, a 100-man security team, seven restaurants, indoor pools, and plenty of other amenities.

The idea behind making Solaire Manila Resorts an all-encompassing entertainment complex is to attract Asian high-rollers, who comprise a large percentage of Macau and Singapore’s gaming scene. And one of the biggest ways that this casino expects to attract high-rollers is by providing and paying for their flights to the Philippines. It already looks like the plan is working because Chinese junkets are working with Solaire Manila Resorts to bring Asian “whales” to the casino.

This establishment is expected to generate over $10 billion in revenue over the next four years alone. A big reason why is because Solaire Manila Resorts Casino will offer something that other gaming venues in the area can’t – an authentic Las Vegas experience.

Gaming expert Michael French discussed this matter by saying, “What Solaire brings is an entertainment and gaming experience that doesn’t exist in the Philippines today.” French added, “It will be like going to Las Vegas. This raises the scale, the excitement and the glamour.”

Gamblers will get their first taste of Solaire Manila tomorrow as the casino officially opens for business. Thousands of people are expected to attend the opening day festivities.

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