Paris Hilton books $50k Blackjack Win – Is She becoming a Blackjack Pro?

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Last weekend was definitely good for socialite Paris Hilton. The famed blonde actress has apparently taken up DJ’ing, and she earned $100,000 for doing a gig at Harrah’s “Pool After Dark.” Right after collecting $100k for DJ’ing, Hilton took to the blackjack tables and won another $50,000. She wasn’t shy about showing off her blackjack winnings either, as you can see from the picture she Instagrammed below.

Now, we highly doubt that Paris Hilton is a sophisticated card counter – especially when you consider some of the things she said on her old reality show, The Simple Life. But it is worth mentioning that she also won $30,000 while playing blackjack on her 31st birthday in Las Vegas. Given these huge scores, one might think that she’s on the verge of becoming a blackjack pro.

Of course, the more likely scenario is that she’s going to be continuing her DJ’ing work over the next few months. As reported by TMZ, she entertained a sold-out house at Pool After Dark. And she’ll apparently have residency at this Atlantic City hot spot for one month.

After her time at Pool After Dark is up, Hilton is reportedly going to continue her career as a DJ at other major clubs and parties around the United States.

The soon-to-be 33-year-old was born into fame as the granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels. She signed as a model with Donald Trump’s agency as a teenager. Following this, Paris quickly assumed the role as a socialite in her late teenage years and early 20’s due to her hard-partying ways and short romances with Leonardo DiCaprio and Oscar De La Hoya.

She gained further fame after a sex tape involving her and then-boyfriend Rick Salomon was released in 2003. Shortly after this, she did the aforementioned The Simple Life reality show with Nicole Richie. More recently, she’s done several movie appearances and is the face of the Paris Hilton Stores.

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