Palms Casino Playboy Club closing

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After a five year run in the Las Vegas Palms Casino, the Playboy Club will be closing down this summer. Palms Casino officials announced the closure last night, but they didn’t give any specific reasons for why the risque venue would be closing. A spokesperson for the Palms Casino Playboy Club merely said that they were looking to “pursue new brand opportunities in Las Vegas nightlife.”

The club made headlines when it opened in the Palms Casino in 2006. It was the first Playboy Club to be in operation since 1988, when Hugh Hefner closed down the final one in Lansing, Michigan. Since the unveiling of the Palms Casino Playboy Club, others have opened in Macau, London and Cancun.

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The Playboy Club has developed quite a notoriety for the beautiful women here who wear bunny suits and deal cards. Lots of recreational casino players flock to these venues due to the women dealers. That said, the Playboy Club is able to get away with offering casino games with higher house edges and rules that are more unfavorable to players.

It will be interesting to see if the Palms Casino Playboy Club ends up moving to a new casino, or it merely closes down for good. Whatever the case may be, there will certainly be some parties interested in acquiring this business.

As for the Palms Casino Las Vegas, this establishment continues to be one of the most popular casinos located off the Las Vegas Strip. Lots of actors, professional athletes and other celebrities like to frequent the Palms, while younger crowds also enjoy visiting this casino. One final thing worth mentioning about the Palms Casino is that it’s been the location for several prominent music videos and movies.

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