Palms Casino Owner Geoff Maloof arrested for DWI

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Palms Hotel and Casino owner George Maloof was arrested earlier this week for driving while intoxicated. Maloof was stopped in Las Vegas by an officer as he was coming home from a friend’s wedding in California. Maloof was then administered a series of tests including a blood-alcohol level test, which he failed when his blood-alcohol level was 0.086%. After failing the blood-alcohol test, Maloof claimed that he only have four beers.

In addition to the DWI charge, Maloof was also booked for speeding, making an illegal left-hand turn, not having a valid license, and not having proof of insurance. What’s interesting is that Maloof had his assistant with him while driving home from California. But he didn’t feel the need to let the assistant drive since Maloof didn’t realize he was so intoxicated. He said, “I just didn’t think I needed her to drive. I should have had her drive because I didn’t drink that much.”

With his blood-alcohol level so close to the legal limit, it’s likely that he will fight the charges in court. However, Maloof did take full responsibility for his actions before assuring people that he won’t be driving after drinking again.

George Maloof has been a media magnet around the Las Vegas area ever since building the $265 million Palms Hotel and Casino. His casino brings in more than $50 million in profit every year, and is known for having some of the most beautiful female workers in Las Vegas.

In addition to his casino venture, Maloof is also involved in several TV and film projects. He has even appeared in a number of television shows himself including Sunset Tan, Real World Las Vegas, The Girls Next Door, The Palms Girl Search, Las Vegas (the TV series), Project Greenlight 3, and The E! True Hollywood story.

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