Slots Jackpot of €11.7m is Online Record

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One of the allures of online gaming is that people can win a huge online slots jackpot at anytime. And this is exactly what happened to a 20-year-old student from Hordaland, Norway – who won a record online slots jackpot worth €11.7 million ($15.77 million) after going out with friends and watching a movie.

What’s interesting is that the university student doesn’t even normally play online slots, but rather does sports betting instead. However, he saw that Betsson casino had awarded him free spins, and began playing for the massive jackpot. The anonymous winner said so himself after stating, “I usually play in Betsson’s brilliant Sportsbook, but I saw the huge sum of the jackpot and thought ‘Yeah, Let’s give the free spins a shoot and see what happens.’ It was a shocking experience when €11.7 million dropped before my eyes.”

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The student is still in shock in the aftermath of his big win on the Mega Fortune slots game. He told the press, “It hasn’t really sunk in yet. I couldn’t sleep until 6:00am due to the shock! I woke up at 7:00 again. It was just impossible to sleep, and I am shaking and sweating. I haven’t thought about what to do with the winnings. I need to try and calm down before even thinking of what I do with the money!”

He also added, “Not even in my wildest fantasies did I ever think I would win that €11.7 million jackpot. But it has happened, and I am over the moon about it.” The huge online slots win by the young Norwegian just shows how much money players can win from sites like Europa Casino and Party Casino, where multi-million progressive jackpots are commonly offered.

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