Online Keno Volatility

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Volatility is a term thrown around by online gamblers quite often, and it’s used when discussing payouts versus the frequency of wins. For example, a game that provides huge payouts but sparse wins would have a high volatility. On the other hand, a game that provides frequent payouts yet small prizes will have a low volatility.

A lot of gamblers overlook volatility, but this concept is actually very important when deciding where you want to play internet keno. If you have a smaller bankroll and are only playing keno for enjoyment, then you’ll probably want to stick with keno games that have a low volatility. Likewise, those of you who want the big prizes should be playing at sites with high volatility.

Finding the proper amount of volatility is all dependent on you looking at the different keno pay tables. Every online casino should offer this information, and it’s up to you to seek out the pay table info. When you do find the pay table information, make sure that you are using the same amount of marked numbers when comparing tables – i.e. a 15 number card at one casino needs to match up with another 15 number card at the other casino.

Sticking with the 15 marked number cards, some of the casinos you visit will offer as much as $20,000 for getting 12 out of 15 marked numbers right. If you happen to get all 15 marked numbers, you could be in for a payday in excess of $100,000! Contrast this to low volatility casinos where 15 out of 15 numbers is only going to pay out $10,000 or less.

Looking at the highest payouts, it would obviously make sense to play at the site that pays out $100,000 for 15 numbers. However, casinos that offer the big prize often make their minimum payout requirements much higher. For instance, you might need to get 5 out of 15 marked numbers just to obtain a minimum payout. The low volatility casino, on the other hand, might only require a player to get 3 out of 15 marked numbers to get a minimum payout.

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