Internet Gambling Legend Ted Loh Passed Away

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Online gambling is a great recreational activity that many of us enjoy today. However, internet gambling wouldn’t be at the level it is today without the help of some very special people. Ted Loh was one of these people as he was an original pioneer in the world of online gaming.

Loh earned the nickname “The Spearmaster” from his days as a moderator on the popular gambling forum Loh earned fame among the gambling community with his insightful posts and other work on In addition to his moderating work, Loh also promoted a number of popular internet casinos such as his own site and TV personality Tila Tequila’s gambling site.

He also worked for software giant Playtech, and was known as one of the most straightforward people in the online gambling business (which is something you don’t see every day). Unfortunately, Ted Loh lost his battle with cancer today and passed away leaving behind his wife and three children.

Loh’s death marked the fourth death of a prominent internet gaming figure in recent years. His former boss at, Kenneth Weitnzer, committed suicide while both Alan Leonard and Lou Fabiano recently died too. The death of Loh marks a sad time for those ingrained in the online gambling world since many people either knew him personally or knew of him.

Loh was a native of Thailand and began working in the online casino industry not long after moving to the US. Many of the successful gambling sites of today owe their foundation to Loh as he was instrumental in the affiliate world. His passing leaves one less original member of the pioneer online gambling world.

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