U.K. Online Gambling increases by 40%

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Gambling has always been a part of British culture as can be seen by the thousands of betting shops and casinos across the nation. But it appears that gambling is becoming even bigger in the U.K. as evidenced by a 40% rise in online gambling.

This interesting statistic was discovered by the Nielsen Group when they did studies on internet gambling in the U.K. In all, the Nielson Group found that 3.2 million people logged onto British gambling sites in 2009, which was nearly 1 million more than in 2008.

In addition to the overall statistics that the Nielsen Group uncovered in this study, they also found several other interesting facts. One of the most interesting findings in this study showed that women comprised almost half of U.K. gamblers since 46% of the 3.2 million online bettors were female. On the other hand, people who were 65 or older made up a very small portion of Britain’s online gaming population.

Those from lower income households also made up a very small portion of online gamblers since the majority of U.K. internet bettors made at least ₤30,000 or $49,000. Of course, this makes sense because these are the people who can actually afford to gamble over the internet.

One more interesting statistic uncovered by the Nielsen Group involves which online gambling sites are the most popular. According to Nielsen, online poker sites are far and away the most popular gambling websites among U.K. residents at this time. Party Poker was especially popular as 870,000 British residents visited Party Poker in 2009; this was up 174 percent from 2008.

It will be interesting to see if online gambling in the U.K. increases anymore in 2010 since it has already increased by quite a bit this year. With many gambling and poker sites experiencing increased traffic this year, it wouldn’t be inconceivable to see another big increase in the future.

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