runs Pro-Gambling Story about NFL Combine

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The NFL is one of the staunchest opponents of online gambling in the world. This all stems from the fact that they don’t approve of online sports gambling, and so they think internet gambling as a whole should be banned from the United States. In any case, many pro-gambling advocates got a good laugh out of the fact that ran a gambling-related story about the NFL Combine.

The article was entitled “Got a Gambling Problem? The NFL Combine is here to help,” and it went into detail about all of the lines being offered on NFL Combine events such as who would bench press the most, who would run the 40 yard dash the fastest, and who would complete the shuttle run the fastest. Thousands of people saw the article after the popular search engine Google picked it up and displayed the article in their search rankings. Eventually, workers realized the glaring mistake and removed the article.

This is just the latest big story involving the NFL and gambling since they recently made headlines for preventing 30 of their players from competing in a charity poker tournament staged by Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke, Howard Lederer, and Johnny Chan. The tournament was set up to raise money for the Stanley Hearing Foundation and impoverished African children. Some of the players kept out of the tournament included the Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson and Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald – two of the NFL’s best players.

Many believe that barring the players from competing in the charity tournament was a direct result of their stance against online gambling. Seeing as how Hellmuth, Duke, Chan, and Lederer have all represented online poker companies in the past, their decision certainly makes sense, however immoral it may be.

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