New Jersey Internet Gambling Bill Vetoed

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Hopes for legalized online gambling in New Jersey took a major hit when Governor Chris Christie issued an absolute veto on the bill. The bill, which was previously approved by the State Senate, was originally expected to be signed by Governor Christie too. However, in the days leading up to his final decision, there was some doubt cast on whether or not Christie would sign the online gambling bill. Those doubts were confirmed when he issued the absolute veto.

An absolute veto means that Christie won’t be dealing with the bill anymore. If he had issued a conditional veto, it could have been reworked by the State Senate, then sent back to Christie for another look.

After vetoing the bill, Christie issued a statement saying, “Casino gaming is a vital component of the State’s economy and one of our most important industries, generating billions in revenues and providing tens of thousands of jobs. Since the earliest days of my Administration, I have stressed the urgent need to address the critical issues surrounding the casino industry in order to reinvigorate this sector of our economy and ensure its long-term sustainability,”

Christie finished by adding, “In partnership with the Legislature, we have achieved meaningful reforms that provide the impetus for new investment and increased tourism that will lead Atlantic City to recapturing its status as the premier resort destination in our region of the nation.”

The only hope for the New Jersey online gambling bill is for the voters to pass it during the November election. The bill could also become law if the veto went through the State House of Representatives, and was passed by two-thirds of the house members. Most political experts don’t think that the bill will be voted on by the House though.

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