Michael Jackson becomes King of Slots

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Due to his numerous hit records and widespread fanfare, Michael Jackson was often referred to as the “King of Pop.” But people may soon start referring to him as the King of Slots since a themed game involving the late singer has been extremely popular at casinos around the United States.

Created by Bally Technologies Inc., the Michael Jackson-themed slots game was first showcased at a Global Gaming Expo in 2011. After seeing plenty of positive reactions, many US casinos took a keen interest. Today, Michael Jackson slots can be found at 20 Las Vegas Strip casinos including Caesars Palace and the MGM Grand. The game has also made its way to Indian tribal casinos in South Florida such as Hard Rock Fort Lauderdale and Coconut Creek Casino. Additional casinos are expected to have Michael Jackson slots by September.

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So just what is it about this game that has so many casinos and players excited? Well the main thing is that MJ slots offers a number of high-tech features which truly enhance play and make this game seem far more modern than other slots. Going further, an elaborate sound system complete with original Michael Jackson music transports players into another world when they’re spinning the reels. The bonus rounds are especially interesting because the King of Pop performs music videos in between spins.

People can only expect MJ slots to become more popular as time goes on and more casinos are able to get this machine. Furthermore, the Michael Jackson-themed game figures to have a major impact on how future slots makers design their products – from music to the life-like cut-scenes.

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