Michael Jackson Casino pulled off Internet

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Last week we reported that a rogue online casino called michaeljacksoncasino.com was in serious violation of the law after ripping Michael Jackson’s image off in order to promote their website. The casino used pictures of Michael along with a message that made it seem like the late Jackson’s family condoned this website. The message read, “The King of Pop is proud to bring you the most exciting Vegas style online casino betting experience on the Net!”

Unfortunately, Michael Jackson’s estate did not condone the usage of his image nor did the King of Pop come out of his grave just to say the website operators could promote their business using him. All of this combined to bring the Jackson estate’s attorney Howard Mann into the mess. Mann vowed the website would be taken down and that he would seek $100 million in damages. The website was taken down, but it doesn’t look like the drama is over quite yet.

As initially reported, it was believed that Mann would go after the online casino operators. However, it now appears as if Mann thinks he can sue GoDaddy.com – the site that michaeljacksoncasino.com was registered through. And after looking at the cheesy Jackson casino website, it looks like GoDaddy is the only place he could get the money from.

It’s unclear at this time as to whether or not Mann has a legitimate case since it wasn’t GoDaddy that was running the website. Plus GoDaddy.com has agreements and legal binding forms they expect people to read and agree to before creating a website. Seeing as how GoDaddy is one of the most successful web domain companies in the world, they should have some good court representation too.

However, the World Wide Web is also a murky subject when it comes to court battles so it will be interesting to see who wins out in this case.

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