Michael Jackson Casino Unauthorized

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Even after his death last summer at the age of 50, Michael Jackson is still making reverberations in the news. And the latest headline he’s made involves an online casino that is trying to use his likeness to promote their business.

The online casino in question is called what else but michaeljacksoncasino.com. Upon visiting the casino, one would think that the biggest problem with it is the cheesy design and poor graphics. Surprisingly though, this isn’t even the website’s biggest problem.

No the biggest problem is that the estate of Michael Jackson didn’t give this website permission to use Jackson’s likeness for their casino. Howard Weitzman, who is the attorney for Michael Jackson’s estate, said that he and the family are willing to do whatever it takes to shut the site down.

Michaeljacksoncasino.com is obviously using MJ’s image to market their product as the site displays a message stating, “The King of Pop is proud to bring you the most exciting Vegas style online casino betting experience on the Net!”

Going beyond blatantly ripping off Michael Jackson’s likeness without consulting the estate, this site doesn’t seem to be the most trustworthy place either. Several of the links take players to blank pages while other links appear to be re-directs for other sportsbetting and casino websites. Anybody who has visited enough internet casinos know this isn’t a good sign.

Needless to say, this may not be the most savory casino to deposit money at; even if you were thinking of depositing money here, chances are that the site will be forced to shut down soon anyways due to the impending lawsuit. And the 10% signup bonus that’s given for depositing money at michaeljacksoncasino.com certainly isn’t going to be incentive enough to get players to risk their cash.

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