Man wins $1.2m Slots Jackpot at Meadows Racetrack and Casino

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Three years ago, the Meadows Racetrack and Casino launched a linked progressive jackpot that started at $25,000. This prize, which is linked across 10 different slots games and requires two $5 coins (jackpot qualifying spin), had just recently grown to $1.2 million. Now it appears as if the jackpot has finally been won after an anonymous man hit a $1,192,567 prize.

Little is known about the lucky winner at this point. But a Meadows Casino waitress did tell a humorous story about how he normally only drinks diet coke – yet ordered a shot following the $1.2 million windfall.

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Earlier this month, Meadows Racetrack and Casino officials announced that the jackpot had reached $1.1 million. This announcement caused an increased amount of play on the linked progressive slots machines, which the recent winner certainly benefited from with his $1,192,567 win.

The Canonsburg, Pennsylvania-based Meadows Casino is just another one of the growing gaming establishments in this state. As we’ve reported in the past, Pennsylvania casinos have been rapidly increasing in terms of revenue. Last year, Pennsylvania casinos collected over $3 billion in gaming earnings, which was a 22% increase. The rapid rise was led by a strong year by Sands Casino Resort as they saw a 32% increase in 2011.

With such a spike in gaming revenue, it’s now wonder why Pennsylvania has now surpassed Atlantic City as the United State’s second biggest gambling destination. Not surprisingly, this state’s good fortune coincides with a dramatic drop in nearby Atlantic City’s gaming revenue. Revenue figures for July, 2012 ($308.2 million) show that Atlantic City experienced a 9.5% drop from July, 2011. Based on their declining numbers, Atlantic City casinos and New Jersey state officials are hoping to dump millions into advertising revenue and city improvements; in turn, they hope to reverse the steady decline over the past few years.

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