Why Mark Wahlberg Bet and Lost $45k in a Single Roulette Round

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Celebrities are human beings just like you and me, which means they enjoy playing casino games from time to time. But do they always bet $45,000 on a single roulette round like Mark Wahlberg?

On a recent episode of “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, Wahlberg revealed that he put this huge sum down on a lone roulette spin and lost. However, he didn’t do it because he’s a compulsive gambler, but rather because he wanted to get inside of the head of his character for the upcoming movie The Gambler.

“It’s just part of the job,” he told Fallon. “I prepare physically and mentally for everything that I do, and I like doing both because you submerge yourself into the character and the world and you live it ’til it’s over.”

Wahlberg described the scene in full as he visited the Wynn Macau just after filming Transformers 4. Interestingly enough, he didn’t have any money – odd for a guy who’s worth $200 million – and borrowed some from friends. He then took this cash and ran it up to $45k through a hot blackjack session.

From here, he took the money over to the roulette tables and put it all on black. However, red came up and he lost the entire $45k sum built through his blackjack skills.

It makes sense that Wahlberg would place such a big wager when considering the character he plays in The Gambler – a college professor who moonlights as a compulsive gambler and drug addict. When he gets in too deep, he must convince a college basketball player to throw a game so that he can win his losses back. Check out the trailer below:

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