Marine wins $2.8m Las Vegas Slots Jackpot

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Alexander Degenhardt had always been a very generous man throughout his life. In fact, the United States Marine recently learned that he was accepted as a bone marrow donor, which involves a very painful process. Seeing as how he was willing to go through this pain just to help others, it’s nice to hear that Degenhardt won a $2.8 million progressive jackpot earlier this week.

The exact amount won by the 26-year-old was $2,882,808, and he earned this big prize while playing Money Vault Millionaires Seven at the Bellagio Casino. Degenhardt had come to Las Vegas from Washington D.C., where he was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base. He and a Marine friend decided to sit down at the slots for a while to blow some time. Little did Degenhardt know that this decision would turn him into a multi-millionaire.

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After putting $100 into the Money Vault Millionaires Seven game, Alexander Degenhardt got the surprise of his life after the bells and whistles went off on the game. Following his big win, the Marine said, “It’s something you always want to happen, but when it does happen you don’t believe it.” He also mentioned how he thinks the decision to donate bone marrow played a part by saying, “I look at this as kind of good karma for that.”

For the next 28 years, Degenhardt will receive $100,000 from the Bellagio Casino. Despite his recent fortune, don’t expect this frugal man to blow all of the money right away because he’s still buying clothes from the thrift store and driving a car with 250,000 miles on it. Degenhardt also plans to help his pregnant sister and mother out financially.

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