Manila Casino Scene Evolving

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As it stands now, the biggest Asian casino destinations are Macau and Singapore. However, it won’t be long before Manila is right there with them since their government is hard at work establishing this Philippines city as a major casino destination.

Manila already has the Casino Filipino and Hyatt Manila, but their new plan would add much bigger and more extravagant casinos in the city. Right now, they are focusing on an area that will be dubbed Pagcor City, which is named after the prominent Philippines casino company called the Pagcor Corporation.

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Pagcor City will include five different casinos, and a number of other attractions. As for the casinos, there aren’t many details out on what they’ll be called, or how large they’ll be. However, the Manila government has granted four licenses to various companies so that they can build a casino in Pagcor City. Each license costs $1 billion, and some of the companies that have purchased licenses include the Belle Corporation, Alliance Global Group Inc., Genting Malaysia and Bloombury Investments Holding Inc.

Besides the casinos, other plans for Pagcor City involve an amusement park, a sports stadium, shopping centers, artificial beaches, dozens of restaurants, a marina, art and culture centers, spas, gyms and a Winter Park. The Winter Park is particularly interesting because it will feature indoor skiing and ice skating environments. As you can see, Pagcor City and the entire Manila design is definitely going to be big.

Of course, it will be a little while before we see any of these plans come to fruition since the complex isn’t expected to be completed until either 2014 or 2015. However, when it is done, you can definitely expect quite a few people to be making the trip to Manila.

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