Man steals $44k from Mother-in-Law for Casino Games

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Arthur Cyril Hawkins was recently sentenced to over two years in prison for stealing money from his mother-in-law to play slots and other casino games. And this wasn’t just any amount of money either since Hawkins took $44,570 from 67-year-old Mrs. Powe to fund his habit.

The theft started in 2005 when Mrs. Powe was admitted to a Brisbane, Australia nursing home. Since Powe suffered from dementia, she entrusted her ATM card and other financial matters to her daughter, Sharon Hawkins. Sharon was supposed to watch over the card and bank account since Powe’s nursing home expenses were deducted from her account.

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Unfortunately, Arthur Hawkins got a hold of the card, and slowly began to withdraw money from her account so he could fuel his slots and casino gaming habit. Throughout 2005 and 2006, Hawkins made over 70 transactions with the card as he spent the money at various casinos.

The 39-year-old continued to get away with his crime, until Mrs. Powe’s health care bills were no longer getting paid. After an investigation into the matter, Arthur Hawkins finally admitted to stealing over $44.5k so he could gamble in casinos.

Initially, prosecutors attempted to recover Powe’s money through a civil trial. Unfortunately though, Hawkins was just as bad at bankroll management in everyday life as he was in the casino, and eventually declared bankruptcy before any money was recovered. The prosecution then proceeded with a criminal trail, and this led to the aforementioned sentence of two-plus years in prison.

Perhaps the saddest thing in all of this is that Mrs. Powe had her health care downgraded, and she was shipped to a tiny nursing home room because she has no money left.

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