Macau Studio City shells out $70m for “The Audition” Movie

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What’s the best way to get the word out on your new $3.2 billion casino in Macau? For Melco Crown and their Studio City casino resort, the answer was to shell out $70 million for a short film called “The Audition.”

Martin Scorsese directs the film while Robert De Niro and Leonardo Dicaprio play the lead roles, where they’re brought to the casino to audition for an upcoming role in one of Scoresese’s films. Apparently, whoever wins the role must be an excellent blackjack player too. Brett Ratner, who directed X-Men: The Last Stand, also helped out with this sure-to-be-awkward piece.

Those wanting to see the entire film will have to wait because it’s set to debut in mid-2015, the same point at which Studio City officially launches. But for those desperately wishing to watch some of the finest cinematic actors in history selling their souls for an overseas TV commercial, there’s a teaser trailer below.

Going back to the actors, if there’s a reason why DiCaprio and De Niro traveled around the world to star in a commercial that they hope their hardcore fan bases will never see, it’s definitely $10 million. Both actors reportedly got $10 million each for their roles in The Audition. It’s unclear how much Brad Pitt received, who is only shown in the film through still images on the side of the casino wall.

In the trailer, the two actors are practicing their lines for the audition, when they accidentally run into each other. Then, Scoresese is there there to welcome DiCaprio and De Niro to Macau. Of course, sprinkled throughout the ad are the posh decorations and interior of Studio City

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