Las Vegas Strip clogged with Peddlers

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The Las Vegas Strip is one of the busiest streets in the world, so it’s no wonder why solicitors, street peddlers and performers line up in hopes of making some money. Unfortunately, many of the Vegas Strip casinos’ top executives fear that all of these unlicensed “businessmen” are bringing down the Strip’s reputation.

This is especially the case with people who hand out X-rated cards and escort service advertisements since this creates a non-family environment for the casino/resort destination. The Las Vegas Sun ran a big story on this matter, and they interviewed Jan Jones, who is the senior V.P. of communications and government relations at Caesars Entertainment. Jones told the Sun, “Our failure to enact comprehensive solutions in a reasonable manner is jeopardizing the image of Las Vegas. It’s reached the point that there’s a dangerous perception of our city.”

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But despite the concerns expressed by Jones and others, it doesn’t look like the porn peddlers in Las Vegas are going to disappear any time soon. After all, the United States has plenty of measures in place to protect free speech, which unfortunately includes those handing out call girl pamphlets on a public street.

So the big dilemma here is how to cut down on the large amount of Las Vegas Strip solicitors, while also staying true to free speech rights. As the Sun alluded to, one good way to accomplish this feat would be to set up designated areas where people could hand out their ads so the Strip wouldn’t just be one long line of solicitors.

Of course, you also have to take into account how crowded these zones would be if such a thing was enacted. Long story short, don’t expect an end to this growing problem in the near future.

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