Deadly Las Vegas Shooting was Allegedly over Nightclub Cover Charge

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An argument over a Las Vegas nightclub cover charge turned tragic when a Good Samaritan was gunned down and two security guards wounded.

The deadly incident began when Benjamin Frazier asked doormen if he could check out the crowd at a Bally’s nightclub called Drai’s before paying the cover charge. The security guards denied his request, so he paid to enter anyways.

Soon thereafter, Frazier came out and wanted his money back, claiming that the club wasn’t full enough. When the bouncers refused, the 41-year-old pulled out a gun and threatened the security manager. As people tried to disarm him, Frazier started shooting, striking the manager in the arm and another guard too.

A man who was leaving the club tried to intervene, but he was fatally shot in the commotion. “Typical Good Samaritan killed while trying to help,” police Sgt. John Sheahan said about the man.

The shooter was eventually subdued as more bouncers and club patrons attacked him. Frazier received head injuries from the melee and was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated. Once he’s released, he’ll be taken to Clark County Detention Center to await criminal charges.

It’s not surprising to learn that Benjamin Frazier was the shooter because Police Lt. Jay Roberts said that he has a history of violent behavior. Roberts added that Frazier likely got off three or four shots before the crowd and security guards wrestled him to the ground.

This is the second high-profile shooting on the Las Vegas Strip within a year’s span. Last winter, two parties got into a verbal altercation at a club. This later escalated into a high-speed chase and shootout on the Strip, which left three people dead – including rapper Kenny Clutch. The suspect will stand trial on December 2nd, and they could face the death penalty.

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