Sands Corp hopes David Beckham is the Key to attracting Chinese Gamblers

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David Beckham is the only English football (soccer) player to score in three World Cups. And he’s also one of the greatest players in the history of Manchester United. That said, the retired football star is a very marketable figure and one that Las Vegas Sands is banking on.

The Sands Corporation has signed Beckham to what is believed to be a very lucrative deal, although the specifics haven’t been released. After signing the deal, Beckham released the following statement:

I miss football but I’m happy that I have something set up and I can just jump into another career as long as I get off the field. I’m glad that there are so many business opportunities presenting in front of me and I can become a businessman now.

The 38-year-old has already gotten an early start on his sponsorship deal. Beckham is in China right now promoting football among the youth players. In addition to this, he also showed up to a boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios at Macau’s Cotai Arena.

Based on his celebrity outings and recent appearances in Asia – specifically China – Beckham has massive appeal on the continent. And Las Vegas Sands is strongly hoping that he’ll make a big impression on China, which has 1.3 billion residents.

Of course, the Sands Corporation also hopes that Beckham will bring gamblers from countries like Japan and the Philippines to Sands Macao. But the crown jewel is definitely China, where a large number of high rollers reside. With Beckham as part of their brand, the Sands Corp is on the right track to grabbing a larger share of this market. And from Beckham’s standpoint, he’s certainly adding a nice chunk of change to his already massive fortune of $300 million.

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