Las Vegas profiting Big-Time with Party Pits

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In an effort to differentiate themselves from other Las Vegas hot spots and attract more visitors, Sin City casinos are developing “party pits.” As the name implies, these party pits are festive areas that offer a more vibrant atmosphere, complete with sexy dealers, dancers, loud music and lots of bright lights. The idea is to keep gamblers entertained, and more willing to stick around and keep playing casino games.

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UNLV professor Jeff Voyles expanded on this point when he talked to the Las Vegas Sun about the new party pits. He said, “It’s all going back to the reason Las Vegas became so popular – people want to spend $1 to get a $1.50 back in entertainment value. The consumer’s behavior has changed forever. Casinos are saying, ‘We are going to give you some free entertainment while you play,’ like the old lounge acts.”

As mentioned before, many of these pits include models and dancers, but Voyles doesn’t necessarily think that casinos are good at managing all of their party pit talent. He told the Sun, “Unfortunately, casinos don’t know how to entertain. They are gambling establishments. The people who are running the games are not really great at entertainment. When you are asking them to manage dancers and models, forget it. It’s the same reason casinos don’t manage nightclubs.”

Regardless of whether or not casinos are good at managing the entertainers, plenty more well-known establishments are taking the plunge and building pits. The Flamingo is one of these casinos, and their $10 million vision is called Margaritaville Casino. The idea here is to blend the aura of Jimmy Buffet’s restaurant with the success of Flamingo’s gaming operation. This party pit should be done some time next year.

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