Las Vegas to add Hotel Room Gambling?

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While Las Vegas continues to watch Macau shoot past it in gambling revenue, Nevada lawmakers are currently deciding on something that could bring in a lot more profits for Sin City casinos in the form of hotel room gambling.

Currently, no casinos in either Las Vegas or Reno have any means for players to continue gambling away from the actual casino; all gambling must be done in public areas. A large reason for this is that it prevents additional problems from occurring such as underage gambling or potential robberies. However, if certain Nevada politicians have their way, players would be able to continue gambling in their hotel rooms without worrying about these problems.

The proposal is for players to be issued mobile gambling devices that could be carried back to hotel rooms, or anywhere else for that matter. To prevent underage gambling, players would be required to enter their PIN number every so often, which would only be issued to people 21 years of age and over.

Those in favor of the bill say that it would be a great way for all of the Nevada casinos to bring in more revenue in light of an American recession. Nevada’s two gaming capitals – Vegas and Reno – have both seen their earnings drop sharply over the past few years, and this mobile gaming devices could be a great way to bring some of these earnings back.

As far as the actual devices go, they’re rumored to work much like smartphones because players will be able to use the devices to talk on, send texts, use the internet and gamble. If this measure passes, it would be revolutionary for the land-based casino industry since – up until recently – most of them have shied away from the technology-based sector of gambling.

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