Las Vegas Cheaters using Technology to win Millions

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It used to be that Las Vegas cheaters relied on slight-of-hand tricks and card sharp methods that could only be pulled off by the most skillful of gamblers. But with the sophisticated security teams of today, slight-of-hand tricks are a little outdated and rarely work in Vegas casinos any more.

This being said, many casino cheaters have turned their attention to more advanced methods that involve technology. Perhaps the biggest piece of technology that’s being used to rob casinos blind is the slot machine bill validator.

The way a slot machine bill validator works begins with scammers sliding the device into a slots game; once the validator is in the machine, its prongs touch sensors on the inside that causes every $1 bill to be read as a $100 bill. The obvious advantage here is that players are getting a 100x bonus on every dollar they put into the game.

Some cheaters are also putting programs into their cell phones that enable them to beat roulette games. The way this works involves the cell phone programs predicting what wheel section the ball will stop at based on its release speed; players can then quickly place their wager before the dealer announces no more bets.

Of course, not every Las Vegas cheater relies on fancy technology since some use the power of persuasion. Van Thu Tran did this when she seduced male blackjack dealers into helping her team scam casinos out of millions of dollars. Eventually Tran and here gang were caught, but not before they won an estimated $20 million.

Seeing as how casinos don’t like watching this kind of money slip through their fingers, many establishments have been cracking down on cheating. In the case of the slot machine bill validators, casinos are already installing safety measures that’ll block these devices from working. Of course, an overall deterrent from cheating is that those caught in Las Vegas could face up to six years in prison.

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