Las Vegas Casinos looking for Super Bowl Boost

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Those who’ve paid attention to the casino industry over the past few years have noticed the steady decline of Las Vegas as a world gaming destination. And this decline has only been made more noticeable by the surge of Macau, which made over five times the amount of gaming revenue that Las Vegas did in 2011.

However, Sin City officials are expecting Super Bowl XVLI to bring in lots of visitors and money for the struggling gambling hub this weekend. Over 286,000 people are predicted to travel to Vegas so they can revel in the atmosphere of Super Bowl weekend, and place some big bets at the sportsbooks. Assuming 286,000 people do visit Las Vegas this weekend, when the New York Giants take on the New England Patriots, it would be the largest crowd since the 2008 Super Bowl weekend.

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The big reason Vegas is excited about this is because the casino tables will be a lot more filled with the influx of traffic. And the nongaming entertainment sector is also expected to pick up significantly with almost $100 million in predicted revenue.

Jeremy Handel, who is a Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority spokesman, discussed why he thinks the Super Bowl crowd will be so big by saying, “I think this kind of justifies the broader recovery we’ve been seeing in our convention industry and our tourism overall. We’ve been seeing that recovery for the last year and a half, and this just supports that.”

Handel also believes that Vegas is the next best place to be besides the actual Super Bowl, which is in Indianapolis, Indiana this year. He expressed this by stating, “It’s a matter of the entire destination buying in together and selling ourselves. If you can’t be at the Super Bowl, Las Vegas is the next best place to be.”

There are sure to be plenty of great bets offered in Sin City for Super Bowl XVLI, and visitors should have an excellent time this weekend.

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