Kentucky trying to take Gambling Domain Names Again

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The state of Kentucky is back in the business of trying to take domain names from gambling websites once again. Kentucky recently filed another Status Report and Motion to seize 141 gambling domains from their rightful owners. Governor Steven Beshear wants the domain names seized because he says that gambling websites are leaching off of local businesses such as horse racing tracks like Churchill Downs. Beshear and the Commonwealth of Kentucky are particularly concerned about companies like PartyGaming, Full Tilt Poker and Microgaming; the state has even tried to sue these companies individually for damages.

Lately, Kentucky has been busy trying to identify the owners of the 141 domain names so that they can be brought to court and questioned. Now you might think that the owners could just avoid showing up in court, but there’s the potential for the domains to be seized if the owners fail to appear.

The official document presented to the court by lawyers for Kentucky says the following:

No later than 30 days from the entry of this Order, any person claiming to be the owner of,,, and, shall move to intervene in this action, and in connection therewith identify themselves and their ownership in the seized property, and submit evidence establishing that identity and claim of ownership.

They Kentucky lawyers are taking a different approach this time around from their previous attempt at seizing the 141 domain names. Last time, Kentucky focused on attacking the 141 different domain owners as a whole, and Judge Thomas Wingate ruled in favor of the state meaning the gambling sites would have to block Kentucky residents. However, other judges disagreed with Wingate, and the case was eventually thrown out. Even if the case wasn’t thrown out, most of the online gambling sites involved said that they would simply ignore the ruling anyways.

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